16 November 2017 / Club News

Ronnie James

It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of Ronnie James, one of the great characters of the village during his lifetime and era, and a true icon of Cwmtwrch RFC. Ronnie was 15 years old when he pulled on his beloved black and white and is one of the youngest players to adorn the jersey, going on to represent the club on more than 400 occasions which was no small feat in his day, he was the youngest son and one of 5 brothers to play for Cwm. He predominantly played centre or wing and punched well above his weight, as what he lacked in size he made up with skill, heart and his renown "biceps" built up as we are all aware from the use of a sledgehammer from his work at a young age in the mines, even in recent weeks he was still proud to show off his muscles.
Ronnie became club Captain, Chairman, Trustee and a deserved life member of the club, but another role he took up after retiring was to run the bag and although his first aid techniques were unusual they generally worked, many of us have received "Ronnie's Remedies" which included cabbage, cauliflower, fiery jack, wintergreen and a range of ingredients we wouldn't want to know were in his salves and 'potions'.
After matches and events both during his playing days and retirement, he was the leading chorist in the club, in fact it did not require a match or event for Ronnie to burst into song it was any time whatsoever, and if you didn't sing along the famous biceps came into play and it was far easier to sing even out of tune than receive a "dead arm" as many will bear witness to. Ronnie's had a big warm heart that made everyone welcome, a beaming genuine smile that greeted you. You'll be sadly missed Ronnie James, Rest in Peace.

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Dai Nicholas - 19/11/2017 17:39:47:

Ronnie looked after my knees for years - many a time I went to bed with cabbage leaves strapped to my knee much to laura’s disgust !